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Therefore, please note that the site of assignment might be slightly different from the site of the posting below. Job Description: The Houston Human Resources Hub Employee Service Representative acts as the first point of communication with HR staff and employees on questions regarding employment, salary, benefits, HR Information systems (HRIS) and company policies and procedures.

It is the responsibility of the Houston Human Resources Hub employee service representative to maintain the confidentiality of company information and to respond to concerns by HR personnel at any stage of employment or on a temporary basis. These responsibilities may include recruiting new employees, assigning duties, training and providing refresher training for current employees, and handling complaints.

This job description was approved 77070 on May 10, 2020.Therefore, if you have 12777 Jones Rd #250 any information regarding this position, or are applying for a new position, please visit the Human Resources Houston website and click on the link listed under “Careers” for more information.

In addition to performing the typical duties of a Houston HR position, they can also coordinate a company-wide HR department for management. This will help to ensure that all employees are responsible for the operation of their own department, and will make sure that everyone understands the responsibilities that they have.

The HR service representative has a significant role Houston in HR planning, in the implementation of HR initiatives and budgeting. They can assist company leaders in the hiring process and may also assist with interviewing potential candidates for the position of Human Resources representative.

An important function of a HR service representative is to ensure that HR is compliant with employment laws and that employees are appropriately compensated. They can also assist with disciplinary action, if necessary.

Some of the responsibilities of an HR service representative include developing a plan for the development of HR communications, training and education for all employees, and communicating information to the company management. They must also be knowledgeable about all human resources management processes.They must have extensive knowledge of employment law, such as harassment Houston recruiting firms and discrimination laws, and their compliance.

In addition to the responsibilities outlined above, an HR service representative can also perform other duties that include assisting with recruiting, training and development, conducting interviews and selection, providing general HR advice, maintaining payroll and benefits records, as well as scheduling appointments with prospective and current employees. They should be able to assist managers with hiring a qualified candidate to fill a specific vacancy.

A Houston HR service representative also assists managers with the training and development of the company’s employees. They can train all employees to meet HR standards and assist management and executives in the implementation of employee development programs.

An HR service representative can also help to develop a business strategy and develop a vision for the future, by helping management to identify key areas of strength and weakness, and what direction it should take. By identifying weaknesses, managers will be able to develop an action plan to resolve issues in those areas.

An HR service representative is also an integral member of a company’s legal team. They can advise management on the implementation of the company’s human resource policies and procedures, and how they should be enforced in order to protect against and reduce potential liabilities.

A Houston HR service representative is an important part of the HR department, since their primary role is to assist HR with legal matters. They can help to resolve legal disputes, and negotiate employee compensation and benefits.

Houston HR service representative works closely with the Human Resources department and other members of the company management to develop and maintain a healthy working relationship with employees. They can also assist with interviewing new candidates for hiring and conducting background checks
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Schlumberger, An International Corporation That Operates In Many Different Locations All Over The ...